Call for Articles

Jurnal Ilmiah Peuradeun

Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of Jurnal Ilmiah Peuradeun (JIP), we are pleased to announce that the journal is now open for submissions. We invite you to submit articles on any topics that are part of the journal's editorial calendar as well as on additional topics of interest to our journal. 
JIP is the International Journal of Social Sciences, and an International Journal Open Access and peer-reviewed journal, with a very wide-ranging coverage, which focuses on publishing new research in areas of the Social Sciences, consolidates fundamental and applied research activities. JIP specializes in the Social Sciences, such as; Education, Politics, Law, Religion, Culture and Public Policies, including the Natural Sciences for the social sciences. This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. 
JIP publishes the core ideas of the article or the research results of the study, which had a significant impact and a real contribution to the community at large, practical and academic world. With the aims JIP is to represent and publish research in all science areas delivered by practitioners and researchers of different disciplines. This includes studies and reviews conducted by multidisciplinary teams as well as research which evaluates or reports the results or conduct of such teams or scientific process in general. We believe that these various disciplines can all contribute to JIP and provide original insights to the most recurrent questions. 
The journal is published 3 times per year (January, May, and September) and published online by the end of the month of edition. All published articles are available online. These articles undergo the rigorous double-blind peer-review process. JIP will publish a manuscript which has never been published in any publication or no publication is being requested or considered by other media, accordance with the ethics statement on the JIP. Each manuscript submitted to the JIP is written in English. For further details on submission standards, please see our website at:
The journal is managed by editors SCAD Independent, but it has a distinguished international advisory board, including scholars from Asia, Australia, Europe, America, United Kingdom, etc.
JIP is under the auspices of the SCAD Independent. SCAD Independent is a scientific professional organizations and the publication, which has conducted research in various fields, such as social issues, education, democracy, politics, law, public policy, religion and culture. SCAD Independent founded in year 2010 with the Notary Deed No. 01, dated 29 October 2012. One of the visions is: “Provide a place for intellectuals to contribute to the development of Indonesia in particular and the world in general to a better direction”. Since 2014, SCAD Independent has been accredited at the International Accreditation Organization (IAO).
For those of you who have the best articles or papers and research results, and want to be published in the JIP, you can directly Submit Paper to JIP. As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the items JIP (Author Guidelines).
We will highly appreciate your kind helps to circulate this announcement to your related academic circles.
Best Regards,
Tabrani. ZA
Managing Editor